Goodbye, Gachaopolis

One of my favourite things about The Arcade was running my yardsale along side it. People loved it, and I loved providing the space for them. When I was forced to look for new land in August, I decided to finally make the jump and rent a sim to create the ultimate resale market, not just for The Arcade, but other events too.

The first round was a success, but things quickly tapered off, and now the sim is no longer supporting itself.

So, after much thought, I have decided to close Gachaopolis.

To put things in perspective, the rent I’m paying is 17,000 L a week, which is close to 70,000 L a month, or nearly $400 CND. I make half that doing ISL work (Cheeky Pea and my own pose store) and I also plan on quitting my job in the near future (if you follow my private account on plurk, you know why).

Simply stated, I cannot afford to pay for this out of my own pocket.

I have looked into other means of funding as well, but I decided that I’d rather not have the burden and worry weighing on me should I not be able to find a long term renter, etc. Unfortunately, this also means I will no longer be doing my quarterly Arcade yardsale. Hopefully someone can pick up the baton like I did and continue!

All this being said, all current renters are entitled to a refund for time that would’ve been valid after October 31st. That means, if you have rented for 3 weeks as of today (one week before closing), you will received a refund for the 2 weeks that follow after closing.

Thank you to all of those who have used the facilities, who have rented, who have donated.


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